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I’m Sorry Officer, I Forgot it!

So, you’re cruising through Pennsylvania or Ohio or some other state that doesn’t have reciprocity with Minnesota – but no worries – you have your Utah Conceal Carry permit which is honored in these states.

Now, you get stopped by the police.  They learn you have a loaded pistol in your car and want to see your Pennsylvania or Ohio permit.  You tell them you have a Utah permit and then you go to find it.  To your horror, you realize (way too late, I might add) that you left your Utah permit at home in Minnesota.

You’ve just committed a felony and chances are good that you’ll be arrested and criminally charged.  Some officers might let you off the hook by detaining you while you figure out a way to get a faxed copy of your permit into their hands.  But most won’t go through the trouble.

Bottom line – if you don’t have the permit with you, then don’t carry.  “I forgot” it and left it at home won’t be an excuse.

Be sure to check out our Reciprocity Center and get the details for each state into which you travel for carry information at www.handgunlaw.us.  You’ll be glad you paid attention to these details.

Kansas Governor Signs Global Reciprocity Bill


On April 5, 2014, the Governor of Kansas signed a permit to carry reciprocity bill that recognizes any other state’s permit to carry license for those traveling through Kansas or visiting that fine state. You can read the text of the bill here. This is good news for those of us who have a Minnesota Permit to Carry license. It is now recognized in the State of Kansas.