Utah Conceal Carry

Saturday, October 25, 2014

For more information, please call Bill at 763-458-3722.

Please see our Reciprocity Center to learn what states are covered for conceal carry with the Utah Permit.


This is a four-hour, non-shooting, classroom course that meets the legal requirements to obtain Utah’s non-resident Conceal Carry license.  This course will cover the required curriculum, including:

  1. Current Utah law related to firearms
  2. Utah Conceal Carry Statues
  3. Utah’s laws regarding the use of deadly force by private citizens
  4. Handgun safety
  5. Applicable Federal law
  6. Utah law regarding assault and related offenses
  7. Utah weapons laws

You must bring to this course a photo identification.  You will receive a signed, stamped Utah application to turn as part of your Utah Conceal Carry application.  Note that Utah will require that you are a current Permit to Carry holder in your home state before you can apply for their Conceal Carry license, as proof of home state licensure is part of a non-resident Utah application.

You may not leave early – you must sit the entire course.  It is four hours in length.

This course will *not* certify you for Minnesota’s Permit to Carry license.

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