Private Classes

What could be more fun than having a barbeque and a firearm instructional course at your house?

Maple Grove Firearms offers private, group classes for the Minnesota Permit to Carry, Utah Conceal Carry and all NRA courses.

Our costs are simple:

  • $200 for your immediate family (minimum 2 attendees)
  • $300 for a group up to six
  • $500 for a group of seven or more

We will come to your house, office, or any place of your choosing to teach the course(s).

The cost of private classes only cover the instructional portion of the class.  Range fees are paid directly to the range.

Private classes do not appear on our public course schedule.  So at times, our public course schedule might seem a little “thin” – but that is due to our private course schedule being more full.

If you’d like to learn more about our private classes or to schedule your own private class with us, please call Bill English at 763-458-3722.

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