Minnesota Permit to Carry (New and Renewal)

We are accepting registrations for February 4, 2017.

February 4, 2017

The Minnesota Permit to Carry class is a 5 hour class plus range time.  This course includes:

  • Minnesota course completion certificate
  • NRA Instructor #, which means that over 30 states will take our certificate for non-resident applications
  • Range time – Included
  • Gun rental available

Module I: Developing a Personal Protection Plan. In this first module, we’ll cover the mental, emotional and person considerations to carrying a firearm and potentially using deadly force. We’ll also discuss how to develop a personal protection plan for yourself and your family.

Module II: Handgun and Ammunition Basics.  This module will outline the basic terminology for handguns and revolvers and discuss the different types of ammunition available as you consider carrying a pistol here in Minnesota.

Module III: Safely Handling a Firearm. This second module will focus on the safe handling of a pistol. We’ll go over the parts of a pistol, demonstrate how to clear a malfunction and then have each student in the course demonstrate the safe ways to unload and secure a pistol. We’ll do this for both a semi-automatic 1911 pistol. If you are unfamiliar with pistols and/or firearms in general, we will urge you to first take our NRA Home Firearm Safety course.

Module IV: Overview of Minnesota Permit to Carry Laws. In this module, we’ll discuss the state firearm laws for Minnesota.

Module V: Use of Lethal Force under Minnesota Law. In this module, we’ll discuss the legal aspects of when you can use lethal force under Minnesota law and when you can’t.  We’ll also discuss defense of self, defense of dwelling and defense of property under Minnesota law.

Module VI: Aftermath Considerations. What you do after the use of lethal force might be of utmost importance to your future.  You might still be alive, but now you’ll have another fight on your hands – legal fights. We’ll discuss what to do and NOT do after the incident has taken place.

Module VII: Accessories and Gadgets. In this module, we’ll cover the various carry options for women and men and outline the basic equipment you’ll need as part of your commitment to carrying a firearm.

Exercise: Shooting Your Firearm of Choice at a Gun Range. During the shooting exercise, we’ll go over the rules and procedures for safely handling a firearm. This will be redundant to Module III, but absolutely essential to your completion of this course. Then, you will be asked to shoot 50 rounds at a gun range. You must demonstrate your ability to *safely* handle a loaded firearm on the range before we will sign your course completion certificate.

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