Multi-State Permit to Carry

The more states you travel to, the more likely it is that you’ll need permits from states that have wide reciprocity (acceptance) across the United States Reciprocity enables you to use one permit from one state as a legal license to carry in another state.  Just like driver licenses – where all 50 states have full reciprocity with the other states in our Union to honor another state’s license as a legal basis upon which to drive in their state, some states have reciprocity with other states when it comes to pistol carry laws.

Figuring out the maze of reciprocity laws can be a daunting task.  For example, Florida will accept a Utah permit as a valid permit to carry a pistol in Florida if you live in Utah, but will not accept that same permit if you live here in Minnesota. In other words, Florida only accepts Utah Resident permits, not non-resident permits.  Since Florida and Minnesota presently do not have reciprocity, if you plan to travel to Florida and want to carry there, you will need to obtain a non-resident Florida permit directly from Florida.

Brief Look at Common Questions About Maple Grove Firearm’s Certificate Acceptance in Other States

For the Minnesota Permit to Carry license, Maple Grove Firearms is approved by the State of Minnesota to train and certify firearm instructors for the Minnesota Permit to Carry license.  In Minnesota, individual instructors are not certified by the State.  Instead, the State approves organizations to certify firearm instructors.  When you receive a Minnesota Permit to Carry License, you can legally carry in most locations within the Minnesota State borders.

Utah certifies instructors directly, rather than certifying the organization at which the instructor works.  Each instructor must fly to Salt Lake City and sit a Utah-specific instructor class so that we learn how to teach Utah law for the Utah Conceal Carry permit.  We have a blog post on the importance of teaching the Utah course the way it is supposed to be taught.  Maple Grove Firearms adheres to the Utah requirements, even though we are in Minnesota. We don’t skimp on teaching the Utah conceal carry requirements, which are substantially different from the Minnesota permit to carry requirements.  Your Maple Grove Firearm course certificate will contain the required Utah instructor logo along with the Utah Instructor stamp, if you completed the required Utah training. You’ll see this logo for any instructor who has completed the Utah instructor class in Salt Lake City.

For Wisconsin, Iowa and South Dakota, because all Maple Grove Firearm instructors are NRA certified, our permit to carry classes will be accepted by these states. Like most states, all you need to show is that your course was taught by an NRA Instructor and those states will send you either a non-resident permit license or the same license they issue to their own residents.

For Florida’s permit to carry license, they will accept a course completion certificate from an Instructor who is NRA Certified.  You do not need to sit through a specific course on Florida’s permit since you can easily obtain a non-resident permit which will allow you to legally carry within the State of Florida.

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