Bill English

Bill on CruiseCertifications
NRA Certified Instructor
NRA Range Safety Officer
Utah Certified Instructor
NRA Life Member

Instruction Focus
Minnesota Permit to Carry
Utah Concealed Carry
NRA Courses

Bill is the CEO of Mindsharp, a software training company located in Maple Grove, Minnesota.  012513_1739_UtahConceal1.jpgHe holds two master’s degrees (theology and psychology) and has published 14 books for technical audiences in the information management, e-mail, security and collaboration administration areas.  Bill is the NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator for the 3rd Congressional District in Minnesota and travels extensively for his work.  He is experienced at carrying firearms around the United States.  Bill’s avocations all involve “shooting”: firearms, golf and photography.

Bill has a special interest in working with those who are new to firearms.  If you’re a “newbie” or “beginner”, Bill will work with you to help you develop the skills you need to achieve your goals and learn how to safely handle your firearms.  You’ll find Bill to be patient while you’re learning new skills and he’s likely to crack a joke or two.  And sometimes, his jokes are funny!


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