What is a “Permit to Carry” license?

A Permit to Carry license enables you to legally carry a pistol in most public placesMinnesota law does not require a permit to carry license in order for you to legally carry a firearm in some scenarios that are written into the law.

Can I open carry my pistol?

Yes.  Minnesota is an open carry state, though we strongly advise against doing this for obvious reasons, among which are these:  you immediately become a target, you might encourage the anti-gun people to work harder at restricting our rights and open carry might make some feel uncomfortable.

What is the process to get my Minnesota Permit to Carry license?

The process is rather simple:  you first must meet certain requirements set forth in Minnesota law, then you must attend an approved class (offered by Maple Grove Firearms), then you must apply in person to your local sheriff and assuming all goes well, you will receive  your Minnesota Permit to Carry license.

How long is a Minnesota Permit to Carry license valid?

5 years.  You can renew within 90 days of the end date of your permit.  The requirements to renew are the same as the requirements to obtain your Minnesota Permit to Carry license for the first time.

Why do I need a license to carry a pistol? Doesn’t the 2nd Amendment guarantee my right to own and bear arms?

The answer to the second question is “yes”.  But like all rights, the right to own and bear arms is not universal or without qualification.  For example, while you have the right to free speech, you don’t have the right to yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theatre.  All rights have restrictions.

While you can carry a pistol without a license – or for that matter, drive a car without a license – if you are ever caught doing so by law enforcement authorities, you’ll be criminally charged and likely will spend time in jail.  If you’re willing to take this risk, that’s your decision.  We don’t support it, but it’s your decision.  Getting your Minnesota Permit to Carry license will ensure that you carry legally and this will give you the greatest way to legally exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

Can I conceal carry my firearm in Minnesota?

Yes.  This is what we recommend.  Even though the Minnesota Permit to Carry license allows you to open carry, we strongly advise against it.

Why should I pay anything to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights?

No one is forcing you to pay anything to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.  We don’t force  you to do this and neither does anyone else.  But by comparison, the exercise of nearly all rights will cost you something at some point.  Just because it is a right doesn’t mean that exercising that right will be (or should be) free.

Do I need a Minnesota Permit to Carry license to carry a pistol on my own property?

No.  Minnesota state law allows any person who legally owns a firearm to carry that firearm on their own property.

I’m 19 years old.  Can I get a Minnesota Permit to Carry license?

No.  You must be 21 years old in order to obtain a Minnesota Permit to Carry license.

A guy is stealing my truck in my driveway.  Can I shoot him?

No.  You are not allowed to use deadly force to protect property in Minnesota.  The use of deadly force (here and here too) is strictly prohibited” except when necessary in resisting or preventing an offense which the actor reasonably believes exposes the actor or another to great bodily harm or death, or preventing the commission of a felony in the actor’s place of abode.”

Should I carry my pistol using rounded-tip bullets?

No.  Rounded-tip bullets will pass through walls and people and will cause collateral damage for which you will be legally (and probably criminally) liable.  You are fully, 100% responsible for the effects of every bullet you shoot, whether or not those effects are intentionally committed by  you.

What are the four gun safety rules?

Great question.  If you follow these rules religiously, you’ll never experience a shooting accident:

  1. Never put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot
  2. Always treat the gun as if it is loaded
  3. Never  point the gun at anything or anyone you don’t want to destroy or kill
  4. Know your target and what is beyond it

What other states accepts Minnesota’s Permit to Carry license?

The Minnesota Permit to Carry license has reciprocity with 24 other states.  You can look at our reciprocity center to learn more about how you can legally carry in up to 39 states in the Union.

What does it cost to get a Minnesota Permit to Carry license?

You should plan on roughly $250, which would include your education, range time and ammunition.  Most sheriffs charge $100 as an application fee.  At Maple Grove Firearms, we charge $100 for the class.  Your responsible for the range fee (usually $20) and the cost of ammunition (usually $20 – $30 depending on availability of caliber you’re shooting).

Is there a book that covers the material that you’ll teach in the Minnesota Permit to Carry class?

Yes. You can purchase the Minnesota Fundamentals book from us for $25 or at most firearm retailers state-wide.

Besides the Minnesota Permit to Carry course, what other courses do you teach?

We teach the Utah Conceal Carry course as well as most NRA courses.  Our most popular NRA courses are the NRA Home Firearm Safety course and the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course.  We also are certified to teach civilians using a police simulator about various shoot/no-shoot scenarios.

What areas of Minnesota do you serve?

Technically, we serve the entire state, but pragmatically, we serve these counties and their communities

  • Ramsey county
  • Anoka county
  • Hennepin county
  • Wright county
  • Sherburne county
  • Dakota county
  • Carver County

I have a group of friend who would like to have a private Minnesota Permit to Carry course.  Does Maple Grove Firearms offer private courses?

Absolutely.  In fact, nearly half of our income comes from groups of six or more who want their own class instead of attending a public class where they don’t know the other students.  If you have six or more in your group, then it is more cost-effective for you to hire us to do a private class instead of attending a public class.  Contact Bill English for more information and to schedule your own private firearm training course at 763-458-3722.


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