MN/Utah Permit to Carry & Renewal

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Course Format: Multi-Day

8 hour class plus range time.  This course includes:

  • Minnesota course completion certificate
  • Utah course completion certificate
  • NRA Instructor #, which means that over 30 states will take our certificate for non-resident applications
  • Range time
  • Gun rental available

This course is the basic course that will cover all of the topics necessary to earn (or renew) a permit to carry a pistol from the State of Minnesota and the Carry a Concealed Firearm from the State of Utah. If you travel and need to carry in other states, having the Utah permit will give you the widest reciprocity among the various states in the nation.

If you are new to firearms, please be sure that you have taken the Home Safety Firearms (HSF) course before you take this course.  The HSF course will give you the basic instruction on firearm safety handling, cleaning and storage that you’ll need to be successful in this course.

Course Syllabus
Module I: Understanding the Responsibility of a Decision to Carry a Firearm
In this first module, we will focus on the gravity of your decision to carry a firearm.  We’ll cover the scenarios in which you can carry without a permit and then discuss what a carry permit will mean for you.  Specifically, you’ll learn about:

  • The gravity and importance of a decision to carry a firearm
  • The emotions and reactions in the aftermath of using your firearm
  • What a carry permit will enable you to do legally
  • Places you can never carry, even if you have a permit

Module II: Safely Handling a Firearm
This second module will focus on the safe handling of a pistol of both a semi-automatic 1911 pistol and a revolver. If you are unfamiliar with pistols, we will ask you to first take our NRA Home Firearm Safety course. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • The names and parts of a pistol
  • How to safely unload and secure a pistol
  • How to safely clear a malfunction for a pistol
  • How to safely draw a pistol from a holster
  • Various shooting positions
  • Ammunition basics
  • Self-defense, practice and non-lethal ammunition

Module III: Overview Minnesota Permit to Carry Laws, Utah Conceal Carry Laws and Federal Transport Laws
In this module, we’ll discuss the firearm laws for the States of Minnesota and Utah. This section will deal more with Utah law than Minnesota law due to the extensive requirements for Utah’s Conceal Carry education. Please see our blog post about teaching Utah law in a Minnesota Permit to Carry course. We will have a local police officer present to answer any questions you might have about Minnesota law.  Specifically, we’ll discuss:

Module IV: Holster and Carry Options
In this module, we’ll cover the various carry issues you’re likely to face:

  • Various type of holsters for personal carry
  • Various ways to carry in a vehicle
  • Home and office security of a firearm

Exercise: Shooting Your Firearm of Choice at a Gun Range.
On our shooting night, we’ll go over the rules and procedures for safely handling a firearm. This will be redundant to Module II, but absolutely essential to your completion of this course. Then, you will be asked to shoot between 50 – 100 rounds at a gun range. The number of rounds will depend on the number of students we have and the range we’re able to secure for your class.

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