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Why is Our Minnesota Permit to Carry Class only $50?

I think of all the questions we get about Maple Grove Firearms, this is the most common question.  The short answer as to why we charge so little is because we’re in it for the cause of the 2nd Amendment.  We’re not doing this to make a lot of money.

None of us who teach or work in this business depend on the income.  We all do it because we believe in a person’s right to self-defense wherever they find themselves legally.  This means carrying in public.

So, we keep the cost low so that cost isn’t a reason for a person to not get their permit.

We also find that more people attend our class and the energy created by having 20-40 people in the room is positive and constructive.  And, with that number of people, we can justify the cost of privately renting the range so that we can call the group together and teach on the range without the possibility of someone shooting while we’re talking/teaching.

We (nearly) always get high/rave reviews on our class because we take the time to really teach about the law and firearms safety.  Then we ask that each student shoots 50 rounds and show that you can safely handle a firearm.

Our Minnesota Permit to Carry class is the best value in the Twin Cities. Consider taking our class, whether your new to firearms or you’ve been carrying for 30 years.

Betty Holster from Well Armed Women

We believe every woman should at least consider getting their Minnesota Permit to Carry license.  But after getting  your license, you’ll need something to carry your pistol in.  That’s where this video will help you!


This is Both Unsafe and Unwise

Not only is this the wrong way to hold a rifle, it should occur to any human being of average intelligence that this is not going to turn out well. Being unsafe with firearms is not funny.  It  is dangerous.  And in this case, stupid.

In our Minnesota Permit to Carry and other firearm courses, we focus on safety and work to ensure that you can handle your firearms safely.  If safety isn’t your number one consideration when handling a firearm, then you stand a good chance of having a serious accident someday.

Man Nearly Kills Himself

Never, never, never, never, never look down the barrel of a firearm that is loaded or experiencing a hang-fire or for any other reason.  Just don’t do it.  This is one of the most unsafe and unwise things you can do.

In our Minnesota Permit to Carry and other firearm courses, we emphasize the safe handling of firearms so that you always know how to handle a firearm safely.

Minnesota Permit to Carry Private Classes

Here at Maple Grove Firearms, we’re busy conducting several private classes for the Minnesota Permit to Carry license. We have a reasonable price of $500 for us to train up to 15 people in a group. These private classes are not advertised on our website, so sometimes, we end up having a thin public class schedule because we’re busy doing private classes. At 15 people, each person’s cost is $33 – a serious bargain if you can pull together the folks for the class.

In just April and May of 2014, we will have conducted 3 private events – one for a group of 15 people, one for a group of 6 and another for a group of 12.

Our fee of $500 doesn’t include any extras, such as pizza, range time, eyes, ears, ammunition or books. All of those elements will cost extra – we can discuss this with you when you contact us to schedule a private event. We’ll come to your house or place of business or community site to do the course instruction and then we’ll use a range here in Maple Grove, Rogers or Osseo for the shooting portion of the class. We’ll even split up the event into two evenings if that is better for you.

If you’re interested in a private Minnesota Permit to Carry course or our NRA Home Firearm Safety course, call Bill English at 763-458-3722 to discuss your options and when you might want to hold your own, personalized Minnesota Permit to Carry class.