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Shoot Yourself in the Foot

ND-shot-in-footThis guy shot himself in the foot – literally because he took the safety off his pistol as he was drawing it from the holster and then put his finger on the trigger too quickly.

Learning to draw and fire is an essential skill to carrying a firearm.  Knowing how to draw safely is something that should be practiced on a regular basis.

One of the problems in learning this skill is that most ranges won’t allow the drawing and firing of a firearm in a single action.  So you may need to work hard to find a range that can accommodate this skill development.  But it will be the worth the effort.

Armed Citizen in Maine, Ohio and California

Take a look at these three recent reports of law-abiding citizens defending themselves.  This is one of the reasons we have the 2nd Amendment and one of the reasons we’re in business:  we believe in the cause and right of self-defense.  While we do not rejoice in the death of anyone, we also recognize each person’s right to defend themselves.

All three of these stories occur inside the person’s home.  But this doesn’t negate the need for training in the use of a firearm and for familiarity on the legal ramifications of using that firearm.  Consider our Minnesota Permit to Carry class as the first logical step in your journey to defend yourself.

Read the stories here.


Top Ten Mistakes Made by Permit to Carry Holders

Just because you have the Minnesota Permit to Carry license doesn’t mean that your done with your training or your learning. This video, done in part by the author of the Minnesota Fundamentals book that we use in our Minnesota Permit to Carry course, is an excellent video to remind yourself of the common mistakes you’re likely to make now that you’re a permit to carry holder. We encourage you to watch this video and consider how Maple Grove Firearms can further your education and training in the safe use of firearms.

Gun Safety Fail

The news reporter should have been trained on the four rules of gun safety before being handed a loaded pistol.  This is a fail on the part of the range safety officer.


Never Shoot into the Ground

It’s interesting to see how many people think that shooting into the ground is safe.  But it isn’t.  Bullets can go deep into the soil.  Since rocks and other hard objects can exist beneath the surface of the soil, you can potentially hit such an object and find your bullet ricocheting off to hit an unintended target.

Not only do the guys  in this video not understand the potential danger of shooting into the soil, but they also failed to instruct this girl on muzzle control and not pointing the firearm at anything she doesn’t intend to shoot.

In our Minnesota Permit to Carry and other firearm courses, we focus on firearm safety, ensuring that you know how to always handle a firearm safely.