What Secretary Clinton Believes About Guns and Why You Should NOT Vote for Her

Maple Grove Firearms is unashamed tohttp://reason.com/blog/2016/06/08/its-pretty-clear-clinton-does-not-think be pro-2nd Amendment. It is a right given to us by our founders and our Creator. Secretary Clinton doesn’t believe the way we do, so we want to outline what she believes from public comments and writings she has made and then ask you to NOT vote for her in the coming election.

On her campaign web site, Mrs. Clinton will do everything she can to repeal the Protection in Lawful Commerce of Arms Act (here too). Signed by George W. Bush in 2005, the Act prevents firearm manufacturers from being held liable if someone uses their products to commit a crime. Mrs. Clinton, presumably, would let the trial lawyers have a red-meat feast of suing these manufacturers to the point where defense costs would drive up retain pricing, thus reducing the number of people who could afford to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

Mrs. Clinton is simply wrong on this issue. If one can sue firearm manufacturers when their products are used to commit a crime, why not sue baseball bat manufacturers when a Louisville Slugger is used to kill someone, or sue hammer manufacturers when a hammer is used to kill someone or the automobile manufacturers when a car is used to commit a crime? She is inconsistent – calling out only the firearm manufacturers – for this type of exposure to liability.

Moreover, on her campaign web site, Mrs. Clinton will work to reinstate the assault weapons ban that was signed by her husband and ended under Bush 43’s administration. So all you folks who have AR-15’s and similar types of weapons, she wants to ban them, take them away and probably use that opportunity to ban other types of weapons and magazine sizes as well.

Thirdly, she doesn’t really believe the 2nd Amendment is a constitutional right that we have. Check out this article on her interview with George Stephanopoulos regarding her basic belief about the 2nd Amendment. She says “IF it is a constitutional right….” (emphasis added) (here and here too). “IF”? Seriously? She disagrees with the Heller decision. Fine. But her side lost at the Supreme Court. It is a personal right that is not tied to serving in the Militia the Court concluded. There is no “If”. But in her mind, it’s still “If”.


So, there are three examples of why you shouldn’t vote for Mrs. Clinton for President if you’re pro-2nd Amendment:

  1. Mrs. Clinton wants to expose the firearm manufactures to endless lawsuits that will drive up the costs of firearms and ammunition to the point where most will not be able to afford to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights
  2. She wants to reinstate the ban on “assault” firearms. But rest assured that she’ll not stop with the AR-15 – she’ll want to include many other semi-auto firearms in her ban. I know I’m not wrong on this prediction.
  3. She doesn’t recognize or respect the Court’s Heller decision. She doesn’t think you and I have a personal right to carry a firearm for self-defense

Three very good reasons to not vote for Mrs. Clinton.

Bill English
Maple Grove Firearms

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