Validity of Utah Conceal Carry Permit when you Change States of Residence

Recently, a customer asked us if their non-resident Utah Conceal Carry permit would still be legal if they moved out of Minnesota and took up residence in another state. Since the application process in Utah requires that you have a valid permit in your home state, our customer was wondering if you changed your residence to a different state other than the one in which you applied for your Utah permit, would that invalidate your Utah Conceal Carry Permit?

The answer is that as long as you have a valid Permit in your home state – in this case, the Minnesota Permit to Carry license – at the time of your application for Utah’s Conceal Carry license, then Utah license is valid until its’ renewal date. At that point, you’ll need to have a valid permit to carry or conceal carry license in your home state to renew your Utah Conceal Carry permit.

We recommend that if you move, you swiftly get your new home state’s permit as well. It’s just better if the police stop you and you can produce a valid permit from your home state. Just like you get a new driver’s license, so you should look to get a new permit to carry or conceal carry license in your new home state as well.

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