Five Conceal and Carry Tips for Minnesota Permit to Carry License Holders

There’s much to know about carrying a loaded firearm in public. It is a serious responsibility and one that should never be taken for granted. So, here are several tips that just may help save your life and will increase your effectiveness at carrying and concealing a loaded firearm in public.

Carry a Gun that is the Right Size for You

You’ll find plenty of posts on the internet about ensuring that your carry gun is an adequate self-defense tool. But if the gun is too big for you to safely handle, then you’re better off using mace, pepper spray and perhaps, not carrying a gun at all. Smaller guns may not help you stop the threat quickly, but if that’s all you can physically handle, it’s better than nothing. Having said this, you should carry the largest caliber gun that is reasonably the right size for you.

Multiple Holsters for Multiple Occasions and Seasons

Here in Minnesota, it’s easier to conceal during the winter than it is during the summer. Just the sheer number of clothes that we wear in the winter makes concealing a firearm easier. So, you might find that a shoulder holster or a paddle holster works well for you in the winter, but a pocket or inside-the-pant holster is better for you in the summer. Don’t be a slave to carrying the same way all year long. For most holsters, we recommend staying away from the cheap, canvas holsters mainly because they don’t “hold” the firearm well to the body. We like leather better for this purpose. When the firearm is held close to the body, there is less imprint of the firearm beneath the outer clothing. Good concealing means a number of things, but it includes little, if any, imprint.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Your ability to fire accurately from your holster is a diminishing skill. You need to practice drawing and shooting regularly. If you plan to carry, then plan to practice. If you don’t practice, then don’t carry. ‘Nuff said.

Carry All the Time or Not At All

We don’t recommend that you carry sometimes and not other times. Instead, we recommend that you either carry all the time or not at all. Now, obviously, there are some situations in which carrying is illegal or just “not right”, such as going to a good friend’s house who you know is not real keen on guns, so either for respect or legal reasons, you may choose to not carry in a given situation. But all things being equal, if you choose to carry, you should do so all the time.

Clothing Should be Comfortable and Yet Effective

Use clothing and equipment that is comfortable enough to wear all the time. If what you’re using is so uncomfortable that you wear it less and less, then you’re defeating yourself. Yet, your clothing should not hinder your ability to fight effectively should you need to do so. So, your clothing should be excellent at concealing, comfortable and yet all you to access your firearm swiftly should you need to do so. Purchase your clothing with your carry needs in mind.

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