Minnesota House Approves Gun Ban Bill

For those who are convicted of domestic abuse or those under a restraining order (MN Domestic Abuse Statue), the Minnesota House has approved a bill banning their right to own a firearm. The bill has bipartisan support and was introduced by Dan Schoen (D-Cottage Grove) who is also a police officer and has the support of Tony Cornish (R-Vernon Center) who is a retired police and DNR officer.

Those under a restraining order have not necessarily been convicted of anything, yet this bill would take away their gun rights for the time they are under a restraining order. They would be able to have an FFL hold their firearms while they are under the restraining order and then (presumably) have the firearms returned once the order is lifted. Having an FFL doesn’t mean that ownership or title to the firearms is transferred.

Those who have been convicted of domestic abuse have proven themselves to be potentially violent persons, so taking away their gun rights seems to make sense. But since that is a felony, one wonders why this law is needed. It might be redundant to the current laws already on the books.

Take some time to read the proposed language. What do you think?

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