Rasmussen Political Commentary

This is one of the best political commentaries on gun control and our lack of trust in the government that I’ve read in a long time. He cites some poll data that should be considered by both sides of this debate. One key quote from this article:

Half the nation views the federal government as a threat to individual liberties rather than a protector of those rights. Sixty-five percent (65%) recognize that the purpose of Second Amendment gun control rights is protection against tyranny, and 44% believe it’s likely the government will try to confiscate all privately owned guns over the next generation.

I must admit, I fall into the group that doesn’t trust the government. I don’t trust those who say they believe in the 2nd Amendment and then propose legislation to take away our gun rights. Being a person who has his Minnesota and Utah Permit to Carry, it’s important to fight for my rights to ensure that I can defend myself and family against attackers – anywhere they might appear. Many want to curtail these rights, if not take them away entirely.

We encourage you to read this article – its’ excellent food for thought and has good talking points in it too.

Bill English
Maple Grove Firearms

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