Recent Articles of Interest

Here are some recent article that interested us – and we thought they would interest you too.

This article from the National Review is a good outline as to why universal background checks is not going to work. The article is thoughtfully written and worth your consideration.

A firearm is a great equalizer between the strong and the weak. This is why we train as much as we do: we firmly believe that everyone should have the right of self-defense – in fact, we believe the God gives us the right of self-defense.

44% think that the government will likely try to confiscate all firearms. What do you think?

The media wants us to think it’s the irrational NRA members against the sane, rational public. How wrong they are.

It’s not often that I agree with the ACLU, but I must agree that our civil rights are being threatened.

At Maple Grove Firearms, one of our core beliefs is “The right to carry includes the responsibility to engage in comprehensive training with routine skill development and evaluation”. This article discuss this point rather well, in our opinion.

Bill English

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