Odds and Ends – a number of stories I found interesting

If you want to thoroughly learn a subject or skill, then learn how to teach it. I think this is the premise behind this program in St. Louis that has the Boy Scout’s leaders learn how to teach their troops directly instead of having the NRA instructors do the teaching. Good idea, if you ask me.

It’s not as if Jonathan Turley is a conservative, but even he finds the large purchase of hollow-point bullets by the Department of Homeland Security to be troubling. I realize that our border and other agents need good firearm training, but is the government purchasing large quantities of ammunition so that us common folk can’t get enough ammunition to practice our own firearm training? You know, if they dry up the ammunition, that’s as good as taking away our guns.

Women – seriously! Get your Permit to Carry and start packing heat!

Bill English


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