Twenty Truths about Gun Control

I believe each one of these states to be true:

  1. Self-preservation is a basic right. If I don’t have the right to preserve myself, then none of the other rights matter.
  2. The government can’t protect everyone all the time
  3. The right of self-defense includes the right to use weapons equal or superior to the danger at hand. You can’t defend yourself if the aggressor has superior weapons
  4. Semi-automatic weapons allow a person to kill a greater number of people in a shorter period of time than any other method. This can’t be denied.
  5. Semi-automatic weapons allow a person to defend himself/herself in a shorter period of time than any other method. This can’t be denied.
  6. Law-abiding citizens will obey the law
  7. Criminals will not obey the law
  8. The rich and the powerful are able to purchase their own protection personal protection force
  9. It is not true that the rich and powerful are greater targets than others
  10. The President’s life is not more valuable than any other person’s life
  11. If the President can have tax-payer funded personal protection, then everyone else should have the right to defend themselves (see #3)
  12. The middle and lower classes have no ability to purchase their own personal protection force
  13. The middle and lower classes can purchase weapons for self-defense and have repeatedly demonstrated they can safely use them
  14. You can find anything on the black market, including semi-automatic weapons
  15. Those who wish to commit mass murder will do so
  16. The best defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun
  17. It’s impossible to predict who will commit mass murder – especially if they have never committed a crime in the past
  18. Not all people who commit mass murder are mentally ill, some do it out of anger or hate
  19. Many pro-gun advocates are much more afraid of the government than they are of a person who wants to commit mass murder, because the pen is greater than the sword.
  20. People in government don’t understand #19

Bill English

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