Why teaching firearm safety is so important

It’s been said that you can make statistics say just about anything you want. Still, I find these stats to be a compelling support of the notion that the more quality firearm training an individual receives, the more safe that individual is with a firearm. Consider:

Injury rate for different outdoor activities



Injuries per 100.000 participants

Football 17,800,000 418,260 235.0
Basketball 29,900,000 512,213 171.3
Bicycle Riding 43,100,000 485,669 112.7
Baseball 14,200,000 155,898 109.8
Fishing 43,300,000 63,026 14.6
Golf 24,700,000 34,382 13.9
Hunting 20,900,000 903 0.4



This second chart is for the State of Minnesota only, but it illustrates well how consistent training on the safe handling of firearms can lower the rates of firearm accidents and help hunters and firearm owners to be more and more safe in their handling of firearms.

The Permit to Carry class is not enough. If all you do is take a permit to carry class, you’re dangerous. You need more than the permit to carry class to learn how to safely handle a firearm.

Bill English

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