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The 2nd Amendment is Under Attack

The 2nd Amendment is under attack. The President wants Congress to take measures that won’t stop people from committing mass murder. We do not believe that most of these proposals will work, in part, because current law isn’t being well enforced due to a “lack of time and manpower“. If they can’t or won’t enforce current law, why would we pass additional laws? Also, the painful truth is that there really isn’t a good answer for this problem. How do you stop someone from doing something horrible like this the first time?

So, what can you do to help protect our 2nd Amendment rights? First, be sure that you are a member of the NRA. There is no better lobby group on the planet than the NRA and they represent our rights to freedom and self-defense. Secondly, sign-up to volunteer and work with your local NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator to help keep our 2nd Amendment rights. Finally, stay informed and contact your local NRA Election Volunteer Coordinator to ensure you’re contacted when important work needs to be done. The Gun Owners of America is another group to join. They work hard in DC to ensure our 2nd Amendment rights are protected.

Now is the time for action. Get involved!

Maple Grove Firearms: Purpose and Vision

Every organization has a purpose – a reason for existing. In the business sense, every organization’s purpose is to make money. Without profit, no organization will survive. But every organization also exists to achieve important goals. At Maple Grove Firearms, our purpose is simple: to best understand and provide comprehensive the firearm training our customers need to protect themselves and be safe. Our vision is to be the gold standard in firearm training. We purposefully look for firearm instructors who bring unique experiences and training to our team so that, as a team, we provide a comprehensive set of education tracks that anyone can take to improve their use and handling of firearms.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing the addition of several more experienced firearm instructors. We understand that our instructors are our product: the experiences and training they have is what you purchase when you take a course from us. Maple Grove Firearms is not a “permit to carry” mill. You’ll find we emphasize responsibility with privilege and will ask you to invest in yourself. We believe a well-trained individual is more safe and more apt to make good decisions under stress than one who is under-trained. And we’ll give you opportunities to keep your skills up-to-date. If police officers must re-qualify every year, then we should too. Invest in yourself and be sure you are well-trained and well-prepared.

Arms & Ammo

One question that beginners often ask, when it comes to ammunition, is this: what’s the difference between grams and grains? Well, grams is the weight of the bullet – the projectile that is shot from your firearm. Grains is the amount of gun powder in your cartridge that is used to create the gasses that in turn create the pressure that forces the bullet out of your gun. Understanding the difference between grains and grams will help you select the right ammunition for each purpose and scenario in which you use guns.

Maple Grove Firearms in Social Media

If nothing else, we are a social company! You can like our FaceBook Page, follow us on Twitter (@MGFirearms) and subscribe to our Blog. Be sure to check out some gun safety videos we posted today on our FaceBook page. These videos demonstrate how easy it is to be unsafe while holding a loaded firearm.
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