Utah Non-Resident Permits at Risk Due to Unethical Firearm Instructors

Many permit holders around the country depend on the Utah permit to carry license for reciprocity in other states that they travel to or live in. When I flew to Salt Lake City to sit the Utah Conceal Carry course for Firearm Instructors, they emphasized that if we were going to certify that our students had sat a Utah conceal carry course, we really had to teach a Utah-focused course. They told us stories of instructors in other states who were “rubber-stamping” their course for the Utah permit – spending less than 10 minutes going over the Utah laws or not spending any time at all teaching Utah curriculum. As these instructors are “found out”, they are being de-certified as Utah firearm instructors by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. And in doing so, the instructors are opening themselves up to criminal charges from Utah for filing false documents with the Bureau as well as facing civil action from their former students who want their monies refunded. In some instances, student applications have been denied as a result, forcing the student to re-take another course with a different vendor.

They are now taking time to visit out-of-state instructors who are not teaching the full Utah course in their instruction. If they find an instructor who violates their policies, they are taking action.

All this to say that when you take a Minnesota & Utah Permit to Carry course from us, you will get a full Utah and a full Minnesota course. We do not minimize either state’s requirements and instead, we fully teach both states in one course. We comply with both state’s requirements. We also teach the Minnesota Permit to Carry and the Utah Conceal Carry separately, so if you need only one of the licenses, you can sit that individual course for that license.

We advise students who are comparing firearm training companies for the Utah permit to ask how each company covers the Utah licensing requirements. It is not enough to give you the Utah curriculum, their information must also be actively taught in the classroom. In their instructor training, they state: “Instruction taken by a student under Subsection (7)(b) shall be in person and not through electronic means.” Not teaching their curriculum in person is a violation of how they are requesting we teach.

Now, why make such a big deal about this? Many will say it’s not a big deal – that I’m making a mountain out of a mole hill. The chances of them revoking one or more licenses is remote. Perhaps. But I’d rather be able to look anyone in the eye and know that I have acted with integrity than to try to argue grey areas because I walked too close to the line and perhaps crossed over it.

In the end, it’s your choice. You choose who to trust for your firearm training. You choose whose company you trust to ensure your application will stand scrutiny. I invite you to look at how we teach and conduct ourselves, not just what we teach.

Bill English
Maple Grove Firearms
NRA Instructor
Utah Certified Instructor

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