A Sheriff offers to help teachers enhance school security

In Colorado Springs, the El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa has offered to train teachers who work in the school system there and wave their fees to obtain their permit to carry license. The idea has received a lukewarm endorsement from the Colorado Governor. But this goes to illustrate that when people feel threatened, they naturally want to do what is necessary so that they can defend themselves against the threat, whether real or perceived.

But this isn’t the only instance of schools looking at the introduction of guns as a way to make school safer. Butler County’s school system in Pennsylvania has hired armed guards to protect their 14 schools. A recent poll in Virginia favors hiring armed guards for schools and a Sheriff in Arizona is now placing patrols outside of schools.

As a side note, in the 18 days following the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary School, the NRA gained 100,000 more members. Hmmmm…….

Bill English,
Maple Grove Firearms

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